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Sithonia, Vourvourou

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Location and Access:

  • The location is situated about 150 meters from the shore, approximately 7 kilometers east of Nikiti, and about 92 kilometers southeast of Thessaloniki Airport Makedonia.
  • Thessaloniki and Makedonia Airport are roughly 92 kilometers distant. If you plan to travel by car, they offer a secure private parking area for your convenience.
  • For those arriving by bus, there is a bus stop in Nikiti, and they can arrange for a taxi to collect you.
  • Once you’re here, their boat will ferry you to the island. Alternatively, you have the option to rent a boat and moor it at their private jetty. Please feel free to inquire with us for details regarding boat rentals.

Accommodation Details:

  • The stay costs €295 per night.
  • Accommodates up to 4 guests in 2 rooms on a private off-grid island surrounded by turquoise waters and majestic forests.

Activities and Amenities:

  • Activities on the private island include strolling along its shores, swimming, exploring the surrounding areas by boat, capturing beautiful moments through photography, fishing, and gazing at the night sky for stargazing.

Additional Services:

  • The host will offer transportation to the island via their boat and ensure that you have all the essentials for your vacation.
  • Highly rated (4.9) for tranquility and the chance to disconnect from daily life.

Price per night:
Minimum nights:
Island size:
300 Acres
Special offers:
Sleeps up to:


Bedroom 1 – €295

  • 2 single beds

Island Information

To rent a private island in Greece, behold the idyllic gem of Vourvourou, or “Elia.” This 300-acre oasis offers awe-inspiring views and an untouched charm. It’s a haven for a laid-back lifestyle, with activities from beach lounging to watersports. Visit Karidi Beach, a picturesque spot on this fantastic island. Elia’s distinct attraction is a call to unspoiled paradise when considering private islands for rent in Greece.

A mere 150m from the shore and conveniently accessible from Thessaloniki Airport Makedonia, the island caters to all – from stargazers to explorers. Enjoy a leisurely walk, swim in crystal waters, journey by boat, engage in some photography, or try out fishing. Whether savoring the breathtaking views at Diaporos Island or stargazing under the blanket of a night sky, Vourvourou ensures a truly privileged Greek island rental experience.


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Service type:

Self service

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Walk around the island, swimming, exploring the surroundings by boat, photography, fishing, stargazing, painting, board games

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Elia Private Island



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